About the Library

The WSU Vancouver Library has grown up during the great digital revolution. Begun in 1989, when academic libraries had just started to experiment with digital resources and the internet, the Library’s collections and services are increasingly available to our patrons in electronic format from anywhere and at anytime.

Our students and faculty have access to the vast resources in the WSU’s state-wide library system. Patrons may also use library materials in Summit, the combined catalog of our region’s higher education library consortium. Also patrons may borrow materials from libraries around the nation and world using easy online protocols. Our always expanding book collection supports the WSU Vancouver curriculum.

The faculty and staff of the Library understand that ready and rapid access to information, and welcoming and efficient services, are essential to the success of our patrons. Developing a research-level library service at a regional campus of Washington State University is our continuing research interest and our professional goal.

The Library faculty’s current research includes website usability testing, library space usage trends, methods of collaboration on digital archives, online gaming and information literacy, patron initiated purchasing, and circulation trends analysis. Our research helps us learn how to make our services better and better for our patrons.

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