General Library Policies

The WSU Vancouver Library exists primarily to serve the educational and instructional needs of students, faculty and staff of the University. The following policies apply.

Quiet Policy

The WSU Vancouver Library is intended to be a place of quiet study and research; please be considerate of those studying around you. Patrons and staff are expected to keep any conversation very low and quiet. A certain amount of noise should be expected at all public service desks where library staff members are assisting patrons. However, in other areas, both staff and patrons are expected to minimize their noise so as not to disturb people who are studying nearby. Radios, CD players and similar devices should not be used without personal earphones, and the volume should be set so as not to be disruptive of other library patrons.

Cell Phones

Cell phones, pagers and similar devices should be set to silent or vibrate. Cell phone conversations should take place outside of the Library.

Group Study Rooms

Group study rooms are available on both a first come, first serve basis and by reservation. Priority is given to groups of three or more people. Individuals and groups of two will be asked to move to accommodate larger groups.

Use of the Library's Computers

The Library supports principles of intellectual freedom. Priority is given to accessing library databases and supporting research and coursework. WSU reserves the right to require any library patron to discontinue using WSU's computers in a matter that violates WSU policies or applicable laws. Additionally, since the Library's core mission is to serve WSU Vancouver students and faculty, community members may be asked to give up computers so that students and faculty can be served first.

Food & Drink Policy

Food and beverages are allowed in the Library. All who use the Library are expected to be responsible and courteous to others by disposing of trash and recyclables and by cleaning up any messes.

Alcohol & Tobacco

Tobacco products and alcohol are not allowed in the Library.

Appropriate Behavior

Other activities which interfere with efforts to make the WSU Vancouver Library a safe and quiet place for study, reading, and research are prohibited. Those who violate these library regulations will be subject to appropriate University disciplinary action.

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