We Speak the Name of Kevin Peterson Jr.

Submitted by sam.buechler on Mon, 11/02/2020 - 17:44

Members of the faculty and staff of the WSU Vancouver Library support and uphold the statement put out on Friday, October 30th by the Bias Incident Response Team.

We join in mourning the loss of another of our Black community members, Kevin Peterson Jr.; a young man who was a father, son, partner, friend, and loved one to many. In doing so, we also reaffirm the notion that libraries are not neutral and actively uphold systems of oppression. We must consistently and constantly work to address our positionality in these violent systems. Today we do so by speaking the name of Kevin Peterson Jr, who was killed at the hands of the Sheriff’s Deputies of Clark County.

We stand with our WSU Vancouver community and recognize that these are times of hardship. You are not alone in your grief. If you are struggling, lost, or feeling compelled to action, there are several resources available to you including counseling services, classroom resources, and local justice organizations.

In love and solidarity,

Members of the WSU Vancouver Library