No-Class Days: Resources for Rest & Care (April 13th)

Submitted by sam.buechler on Tue, 02/23/2021 - 08:30
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The library will be open during existing virtual and in-building hours during WSU Vancouver's scheduled No-Class Days. During these days, the library advocates for students to focus on caring for themselves and finding moments of rest as possible. If your vision of care and rest involves using library resources to catch up on work. or a quiet place away from home, we're here for you. Ahead of No-Class Days, library faculty and staff will be sharing out resources and information on how they find rest and care outside of the library. We hope you find this information useful and that you're able to get the most out of these scheduled breaks.

No-Class Day #3: Tuesday, April 13th

Connecting with others and avoiding isolation is a key part of finding rest and caring for ourselves. Nicholas Schiller, one of WSU Vancouver’s librarians, is an introvert but he feels the strong pull of connecting with other people in ways that have nothing to do with study or work. His best tip for this is just cold calling friends in your contact list and saying “Hi, you’re awesome and I miss you.” (He also says we don’t have to apologize for being distant, but he has a hard time with that.)

Beyond that, here are three resources for connecting with others and avoiding feelings of isolation:

  • r/college is a well-moderated subreddit where college students can come together to talk about what is going on. Reading what is on other students’ minds can help us feel connected and this is a low-commitment way to connect.
  • Student Clubs at WSU Vancouver is a great way to connect with other students, especially when we don’t run in to each other on campus each week.
  • Student Wellness Center Everyone needs counselling and/or therapy at points in their lives, and the combination of college and COVID can strain us all. We can get caring, free, and confidential care through the Student Wellness Center.

No-Class Day #2: Wednesday, March 17th

Sam Buechler, the Student Success Librarian at WSUV, will always be one to mention that their favorite way to rest is… to actually rest. Unplugging from social media and creating space for sleep feels like a rare luxury and they will take any opportunity they find to indulge. Some of the resources that have brought Sam to seeing these as valuable moments include:

*The books listed on this page, and more, can be found on our Mental Health & Self-Care at the Intersections display in the library. Other titles are also available online.

No-Class Day #1: Thursday, February 25th

If you like spending time in nature, here are a few suggestions from Karen, the Library Director, for the February 25th No-Class Day. One of her favorite ways to unwind is to take a walk in a local park; but on really busy days she has to make do by joining her cat at the window to watch the birds outside (Bart, the cat, definitely gets more excited!).

Here are resources that Karen selected for spending time in nature and getting outside: