Extended Hours for Dead Week and Finals Week

Thu, 04/18/2019 - 14:29 -- sam.lohmann

The library will be open with extended hours for Dead Week and Finals Week, April 20-May 3.

The full schedule is:

Saturday, April 20: 10am-7pm
Sunday, April 21: 10am-7pm
Monday, April 22: 7:30am-11pm
Tuesday, April 23: 7:30am-11pm
Wednesday, April 24: 7:30am-11pm
Thursday, April 25: 7:30am-11pm
Friday, April 26: 7:30am-7pm

Saturday, April 27: 10am-7pm
Sunday, April 28: 10am-7pm
Monday, April 29: 7:30am-11pm
Tuesday, April 30: 7:30am-11pm
Wednesday, May 1: 7:30am-11pm
Thursday, May 2: 7:30am-11pm
Friday, May 3: 7:30-5pm

Saturday, May 4: Library closed for Commencement

Summer hours begin Sunday, May 5. Summer hours will be Sunday 12pm-5pm, Monday-Thursday 9am-7pm, and Friday 9am-5pm (closed on Saturdays).