Book Donations

Since we opened our doors in 1996, we have depended upon the generosity of donors to add classic works to the WSU Vancouver Library collection. While the librarians have continuously purchased important new works for our faculty and students, donors supplement those selections with hard to find, out of print books.

We continue to accept academic book donations, but we do so selectively. 

The library follows the gift policy established by the WSU Libraries. In addition, keep in mind the following preferences when considering donating items to the library:

  • Books should be in good shape. We prefer items with sound binding, free of mold and mildew, and without highlighting or writing.
  • Textbooks and duplicate copies are rarely added to the collection.
  • Titles older than 10 years should have enduring value in the discipline as a classic work.
  • Items must support existing or planned campus academic programs. Librarians refer to the collection development policy to determine suitability of donations to the collection.
  • English language items are preferred with the exception of materials supporting foreign language courses.

Donors should understand that all gifts become property of the library, and library faculty will evaluate whether to add the items to the collection. Any items deemed outside the scope of the Vancouver collection are offered to other regional libraries, including the other three WSU campus libraries and academic libraries in the Northwest.

All donors will be asked to fill out a donation form so that the WSU Vancouver Development & Alumni Relations Office may acknowledge their tax-deductible gift. At that time, donors may choose to donate anonymously if they wish.

We readily accept small donations. Donors with large gifts should consult Carol Fisher, Collections & Technical Services Librarian, in advance at She may request the opportunity to evaluate the titles on site or on a title list before accepting the gift.